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Just Conversations is about creating courses and connections at the intersection of personal relationships and collective liberation. These offerings are united by one thing: a focus on the transformative power of relationships. Whether you're looking to connect more authentically with your partner(s), your clients, your colleagues or yourself, you'll find resources grounded in trauma-informed, anti-oppressive principles.

Current Offerings

Empowered Partners eBook

    Written to empower you with the guidance you're seeking. In addition to practical information to help you support your transgender, non-binary or gender-questioning partner and tools to improve your relationship, you’ll find invitations to reflect on your experience of gender, sexuality and so much more. Plus 30 pages of bonus handouts and worksheets to help you dive even deeper.

    Heather Branham (she/her)

    The offerings you'll find here have emerged from my years of experience helping others improve their personal relationships and my commitment to collective liberation. It is my life’s work to help others unlearn the oppressive conditioning that separates them from their worth and from connection with others. My own experience tells me that this is how we find purpose and meaning in our lives.

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